Mandatory Wordpress Optimizations

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  • Minify CSS/JS to reduce filesize
  • Defer render blocking javascript below the fold
  • Optimize file size images during & after website production. Very Important

Optimization Resources

GZip Compression (.htaccess)

Enabling gzip compression on your site will dramatically reduce the amount of data sent from your server to the visitors browsers, thus increasing the page-load speed.

The top 3 benefits are:

  • A better user-experience: no one likes to wait 10 seconds for each page to load
  • SEO bonus: search engines too prefer sites that load faster
  • Reduced server load: your server will no longer have to process large requests

Copy and paste this code into the bottom of your .htacesss. Afterwards, check your work with the HTTP Compression Test

Leverage Browser Caching (.htaccess)