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Reliability of Communication: Yes
Safety of Communication: Yes
Cost: No
Features and Capabilities: No. KNX was more focused during the easy facility of automation and typically gels hotel environments where customization and multimedia integration is not needed.
Investment Protection: Yes
Interoperability: Yes


X10 is an worldwide open standard developed in 1975 by Pico Electronics of Scotland, to be able to enable handheld remote control of house products and appliances. It mainly makes use of the 220Vpower line wiring for sending communications between your Controller and also the Modules (illumination, HVAC...etc).

X10 has just receyved some appeal years that are many when automation technology began being introduced within the UAE. And had been typically set up in small property project then ended up being slowly discontinued because of its dependability problems.

Reliability of correspondence: No. because it is susceptible to interference from multiple sources like transformers, motors typically found in TVs, washers, fans...etc. Also, communications from Controller to Modules will never be recognized so there is no communication that is 2-way.
Protection of Communication: No. In case a third party can utilize the powerline of a house, communications can very quickly be sent to control regardless of the 3rd party wishes.
Cost: Yes
Features and Capabilities: Yes. This technology can certainly be integrated into Computer based systems and many options are offered to provide component rich capabilities for domestic applications.
Investment Protection: Yes
Interoperability: Yes
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What exactly is Home Automation?

Home Automation could be the ability to control home features such as illumination, appliances, heating and cooling, security systems, audio and distribution that is video computer community, sauna and pools locally or remotely through the net, a phone or even voice commands. These settings can be automated or on-demand.

Few cases:

Weekdays 5:00 am during cold weather the furnace kicks in with temperature set at 73°F.
The alarm clock rings, bed side lamps gradually lit up and the coffee machine starts brewing weekdays 6:00 am.
Weekdays 8:00 am everyone else left the house which folds back once again to no one's house, shuts off all lights, brings the house at 60°F and engage the safety system.
When during weekdays, you go back home early in the day, you call your house and simply say home" that is"going your house prepare everything - temperature, lighting etc... for your arrival.

Home automation brings freedom and protection to your home.

Exactly what do be managed through Residence Automation?
According to Pierre Merlin frontrunner in Residence Automation design, everything and anything are managed, checked and handled.

Several of the most common features are: