Avoid a potential electrical disaster and hire a professional for HVAC electrical wiring. HVAC systems are extremely complex and should only be installed by experienced and licensed professionals. At CHF Mechanical, our certified HVAC technicians have a combined 30+ years of experience in the industry doing installations, wiring, electrical, repairs and services. Incorrect HVAC wiring can cause high monthly energy bills, electrocution and even electrical fires if not done properly by a professional HVAC company like CHF Mechanical. Hiring an HVAC professional who specializes in installations and wiring is essential – call us today!

What we Do

When installing a brand-new HVAC system in your home or office building, CHF Mechanical brings all of our own (new) wires and equipment. This ensures every single component of your system is brand new and meets the industry’s highest standards. If we are servicing an existing HVAC electrical system, we do a thorough inspection to ensure all safety and industry regulations have been met. Your safety is our number one concern. If your existing HVAC system has not been checked or serviced in some time, please call our experienced Philadelphia-based company today.

At CHF Mechanical we install HVAC-only systems, troubleshoot & repair low-voltage problems, and control replacements. Our experienced technicians also repair the supplemental heating on heat pumps, on replacement thermal discs, relays, contractors, etc. We also install the supplemental heat strip from the manufacturer to match the model of the equipment. If you are in need of an electrical repair not outlined on the list above, please call us today. If we cannot help you with the specific problem, we can recommend a company in the Greater Philadelphia area to you.

Philadelphia residents, businesses or building owners in need of HVAC wiring and low-voltage electrical repair should contact CHF Mechanical immediately.

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